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Welcome to class 6TC at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mr Clayton, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Mr Clayton

Science at Allerton High School

Last week, we made our first of three trips to Allerton High School for science lessons. This week, we learned about lab safety and carried out a simple experiment to see if the time a spring toy is held down affects the time it takes to jump up into the air! We can’t wait for our next session!

UKS2 Church Service

Today we made the trip to St John’s Church for our annual service. Some children from our class read aloud in front of the full congregation, and we were very proud of them for doing so! We enjoyed singing and getting into the festive spirit – Christmas is well and truly here now!

Visits – Pilot and Author

We have been very lucky to have some wonderful guests joining us recently.

Last week, Mr Iddon came to visit us in school. He told us all about his life as a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force and brought in some real life equipment which he used to use!

This week we had a zoom call with Emma Carroll, the author of our class novel ‘Letters From The Lighthouse’. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to ask questions about the book and hear more about her other works.

Anti-Bullying Week

this week we have been making a noise against bullying! We have had lots of discussions this week about how we can make a difference and put a stop to bullying. We have talked about what it is to be an upstander or a bystander and the children have been United in their desire to end bullying this week. On Thursday we made signs and chants and took part in our picket, whilst Friday was Odd Socks Day. The children enjoyed themselves (in spite of the horrendous weather while we were outside chanting!)

Eden Camp!

Yesterday, the whole of Year 6 went to Eden Camp on our first school trip of the year. All the children had an amazing time finding out about what life was like during the war and the many different aspects of WWII.

Buddy Box Exhibition

On Wednesday this week we went to the hall with our Reception buddies to see the boxes they had prepared for their exhibition. We loved seeing what they had filled them with and looking at how they had been decorated. All the children and parents had a lovely time and it was great to spend time together with RS!

PSHE with Leeds United Foundation

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Vicky from the Leeds United Foundation. She delivered a very important session covering important themes such as peer pressure, criminal responsibility, gangs and knife crime. The children enjoyed the session and learnt some important lessons which may help them with their decision making in the future.

Lino Cutting

As part of our art work this half term, we will be creating a piece of artwork using lino printing. The children made their designs last week which are inside by our local woodland environments. This afternoon they began cutting their designs into the lino. Don’t worry – we didn’t have too many accidents!

Poetry Day Trail

Today we had a great library session provided by Ms Whiteley. The children had to work their way around the library, interacting with and discussing various different poems that were dotted around the area. They worked together brilliantly and enjoyed themselves!