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Welcome to class 6TC at Allerton CE Primary School in Leeds. Here, under the careful guidance of Mr Clayton, we will blog to the Big Wide World.

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Happy Blogging!

Mr Clayton

Numeracy Day

On Wednesday we celebrated National Numeracy Day here at ACE with lots of maths-related activities.

We started off the morning with a coordinates task. The children had to draw a coordinate grid with four quadrants and plot the above coordinates to create a picture!

Next we completed some activities all about household budgeting. I was surprised how well the children knew the rough prices of essential household items, although many did not have a clue how much mobile phone contracts cost per month!


Well done to everyone who completed their SATS last week. All the children in 6TC showed a fantastic attitude and gave it 100%. Everyone here at ACE is incredibly proud of them all!

Coronation Picnic

It wouldn’t be a British picnic party without some poor weather! Unfortunately, we had to have our picnic inside the hall today, but we still had lots of fun as we look forward to the special ceremony this weekend.

Editing and Improving Writing

An important part of being an ACE writer is the process of editing, improving and re-drafting our work. Today we had a great editing session, using different partners to read each others writing; celebrating what was good; identifying mistakes and offering suggestions about how to improve. All writers will re-draft their work and here at ACE primary, we are no different!

Science Week

This week we are celebrating British Science Week. As we have had a shorter week, we haven’t had as much time for experiments as we would have liked so we will continue our science celebrations into next week.

Today we made copies of our fingerprints and looked closely at them to see if we had loops, whorls or arches!

Samba Music!

We had a fantastic music lesson this week, learning to play samba rhythms. We have been learning the names of all the different instruments and we will be getting more opportunity to practise over the coming weeks!