Arts Fortnight Part 3

Today we were in the art studio again continuing our final project. Many of the children have now finished printing their t-shirts and they are looking really effective. We also practised our modelling skills by sculpting a representation of ourselves using clay…

Thank a Teacher Day

Wednesday was thank a teacher day. We wrote thank you messages online to staff in school who received them by email. We also made thank you cards to give to teachers, TA’s and support staff who help us every day! Thank you everyone!

Arts Fortnight Part One

Today we started our arts fortnight project and we had a fantastic day in the art studio with Mrs Johnston! We are looking back at memories from our time at ACE primary and studied the work of famous artist Keith Haring for inspiration. Check in again next week for another update!


On Wednesday this week we started a new music unit. We are learning to play ukuleles! We learnt how to hold them and the correct strumming technique. We also learnt the correct tuning for a ukulele: GCEA.

Just remember ‘Good Cows Eat Always’!

Numeracy Day

On Wednesday we celebrated National Numeracy Day here at ACE with lots of maths-related activities.

We started off the morning with a coordinates task. The children had to draw a coordinate grid with four quadrants and plot the above coordinates to create a picture!

Next we completed some activities all about household budgeting. I was surprised how well the children knew the rough prices of essential household items, although many did not have a clue how much mobile phone contracts cost per month!